duminică, 1 octombrie 2017

Come, God, and see what’s left of us

— Lord, I do not have a man to throw me into the water!
— Well, if you killed all of them...
— No, Lord, not everyone. Those whom I could not kill, I forgave.
— Yeah, you forgave them, but first you sent them to Hell!
—That's right! But Thou would have done the same, Lord. They were very bad people.
— If that’s so, why did not you throw them into the water?
— It was too good for them, Lord. They did not deserve it.
— How about you, then?
— Well, I killed them all, didn’t I?
A longtime friend somehow overheard all this. And she wasn't suprised a bit. On the contrary, she seemed to wait for it. Sure, she always stood on my side, after all. And, of course, she is always blue about it. 
Maybe that's why blue is my favorite colour.
Maybe that's why angels hate it so much.