luni, 6 noiembrie 2017

Maggie among the dead

Presumably, there are not many walking dead watching the popular tv series with that same name. By all appearances, wherever they are, they keep themselves busy at the mall. Unfortunately, the same applies to the living walkers. As far as I am concerned, though, I keep watching The Walking Dead series for the same and only reason: Maggie (
While by the middle of the seventh season all the other characters went slowly yet unrelentingly back to the comic book series they actually belong, Maggie keeps staying alive, and vivid, and true. And lonely. Whatever Glenn would have expected from her, he couldn’t be happier: there’s nobody left who could possibly threaten her in any way.
Yes, she is so damn pretty; true, she is expecting a child. However, what makes Maggie the only humane character present in the last episodes of the The Walking Dead goes beyond that. We trust her even though she has lost her faith in God. People trust her. God seems to trust her more than ever. Let's hope for her sake, and ours, that she will perform some miracles along the way, reviving some of the characters who used to be alive only two seasons ago.