miercuri, 25 octombrie 2023

The Fundamental Orthodoxy of the Universe


Paul Kingsnorth's observation, ”I realized that I was dealing with environmentalists with no attachment to any actual environment”, (“Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist”, https://orionmagazine.org/article/confessions-of-a-recovering-environmentalist/ ), is unfortunately also valid for the Orthodox environment he entered with the hope of meeting something more in relation to the pagan sensibility cultivated by Kingsnorth before his conversion to Orthodoxy (I suggested from the moment of his baptism that there was a risk that the paganized Romanian Orthodoxy would convert him instead, see at https://cumpana-o-viziune-ortodoxa.blogspot.com/2021/02/nicaieri-nu-i-ca-acasa.html).

In the New Age Orthodoxy, which has replaced traditional Romanian Orthodoxy in the last two decades, Kingsnorth was received as a superior confirmation of Orthodox pantheism. At least this is demonstrated by the foreword signed by Dumitru Constantin-Dulcan, the astral rite neurologist from BOR, to the Romanian translation of a substantial collection of essays by Kingsnorth (https://www.libris.ro/mai-putem-salva-lumea-confesiunile-unui-ecologist-SAC978-606-797-984-8--p33361300.html). It is suggestive that Kingsnorth's volume appeared in the collection “New Spirituality” of the Școala Ardeleană publishing house; here is what this new spirituality consists of in the vision of the Great Master Constantin-Dulcan:


The New Spirituality is the emanation of a New Science that took shape especially towards the end of the century that has just ended. More and more arguments are being put forward in favour of the spiritual origin of the Universe.

The materialistic view of the world allowed the creation of an advanced technological civilization, with undoubted advantages for improving the human condition. At the same time, however, the philosophy that motivated it failed to avoid the current global crisis. We are increasingly uncertain of our destiny, more anxious, closer to self-destruction.

Our collection is open, therefore, to all books intended to propose a solution to the impasse of the contemporary world, to advance a coherent hypothesis or to add a new value to the approach towards a better world.

Nothing will change in today's world drama if we stick to the same mindset. This is why all commentators on the social phenomenon opt for a New Spirituality. Respect for life, the need for each of us to change in accordance with the fundamental Law of the Universe, which postulates the realization of good, beauty, harmony, and not hatred and division, constitutes the essence of the New Spirituality. (Dumitru Constantin-Dulcan)” (https://scoalaardeleanacluj.ro/shop/noua-spiritualitate-c-137/).


Dieta Minții, by Adina Moldoveanu, is another book published in the “Noua Spiritualitate” collection of the Școala Ardeleană publishing house to help us align ourselves with the fundamental Law of the Universe (https://scoalaardeleanacluj.ro/shop/noua-spiritualitate-c-137/dieta-min%C8%9Bii-p-573.html?zenid=njksg0r6cmojh7g2es2gk3iia5). The following information should be informative for any Orthodox Christian who has remained faithful to the teaching of the Church:


“Adina Moldoveanu is a strategic coach, trainer, motivational speaker, therapist and spiritual advisor with extensive experience in the field of personal development. Without limiting herself to any particular system or belief, she has always been interested in the field of spirituality. She is the founder of the Freistar Center, an international platform that trains and grows people to create a quality business based on personal development and the cultivation of spiritual values. In her first book, Calea Căii, Adina Moldoveanu synthesized years of studies and the most diverse spiritual experiences, which she reformulated in a most practical and accessible manner, in the form of a discussion with her own Inner Master, which each of we can wear it to answer existential and everyday questions. The impact of the study of Kabbalah at the Universities of New York, London and Tel Aviv opens new doors to knowledge. Following these years of interaction with people from different fields, but also implementing through his own example, he bases the Mind's Diet Concept. This concept comes to share the recipe of long lasting success by revealing techniques adapted from the holy books. The second book, Mind's Diet , was published for the first time in the US and was a bestseller on Amazon in front of big names like John Maxwell, a fact that attracted the attention of Fox News, where the author was also a guest. Returning to Romania, she decided to revise and combine the two books for a complete reader experience. In the journey of healing, this book proposes a spiritual structuring of values ​​through a sacred relationship with the Source.” (https://scoalaardeleanacluj.ro/shop/noua-spiritualitate-c-137/dieta-min%C8%9Bii-p-573.html?zenid=njksg0r6cmojh7g2es2gk3iia5).


Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to point out the appeal to the “Interior Master” and his invocation as a philocalic authority in the Orthodox theological institutes in Romania (https://cumpana-o-viziune-ortodoxa.blogspot.com/2022/11/magia-isihasmului-si-ortodoxia-new-age.html); I also wrote about the authority enjoyed in the BOR by great spiritual initiates such as Dulcan or Bădescu (https://cumpana-o-viziune-ortodoxa.blogspot.com/2023/01/regretatul-dumnezeu-si-noua.html).

 Every spiritual attitude is converted nowadays, including in the Church, into an effort to reconcile one with oneself and with the cosmos. Spirituality is reduced to an effort to calibrate, balance and orient energies. In the new spirituality of today's pagan orthodoxy, there can be no reconciliation with God for the same reason that in pantheism there can be no encounter, only enlightenment. The encounter can only be between persons, but the spirituality of today's Orthodoxy avoids the person for the same reason it avoids the cross: it is antichristical.