joi, 23 aprilie 2015


Even though some people are still waiting for the return of the dragons, truth is that they were slain to the last by those brave men from the days of yore. In those days, saints were expected to be no less brave than pious. So not a few dragons met their end by the hand of a saint. Just as saints themselves met their end as soon as they encountered plain and good people like me and you.
The trouble with the good people is that they don't change precisely because they're good. Healthy people don't get better. It is the sick, the poor, the sinner; they can tell the difference. Only they can change.
But the plain and good people were not brave, nor saintly: they were only too good to bear saints’ humility and frankness and their message about good people's deficient goodness. So they killed them, just as they killed God, although for somewhat different reasons: they killed God because He became man. While they killed saintly men because they became gods.
Good people are similar to dragons: both species stay always the same. As they equally resent God, or brave and saintly men.
Good people are similar to dragons, yes, only better: they are more enduring, more resilient to the piercing truths of God's lancers. Good people are the evolved dragons, the superior species.