luni, 26 februarie 2024

The old heart and its New Christian Orthodoxy


The defining feature of the New Orthodoxy is the conviction that what matters is what we believe in our hearts. Because the heart can’t be deceived, love never fails and that’s why you can’t vote love. That is why the family referendum of 2018 ( could not be a failure for the simple reason that whatever the result, it expressed the reality chosen by our hearts. Therefore, the characterization of the result by the Orthodox hierarchy as a “partial success” ( probably caused confusion among the faithful of New Orthodoxy: why partial? Ultimately, if any pagan who declares himself a Christian while still professing his faith in the truthfulness of all religions is not only accepted in the new Orthodoxy, but also sometimes recommended by the Orthodox hierarchy as a "Christian intellectual of Romania" (, why would we not accept that it is enough to declare yourself a woman or a man in your heart, regardless of what you happen to be in your outward bodily form? After all, the heart has no sex, so what right do we have to deny people having sex in their hearts?

Whatever we do with our heart, no matter how much we raise it ( or broaden it in the sense of mystical humanism (, it remains an old heart. The heart naturally longs for life, but an old heart will refuse to change in order to receive the true new life because that would mean that the old heart must die. Therefore, instead of accepting to die in order to rise in and with the heart of Christ, the old heart prefers to bring change in society through ideologies or in consciences through pagan spirituality.

Modern revolutions and the totalitarianisms they have favored are revolutions of the heart – of the old heart, which wants a new man with an old heart. Ideologies from neo-Marxism to neo-conservatism, from BLM to MAGA are nothing more than pacemakers applied to a heart tired and compromised by all the deceptions it has inevitably succumbed to. In the new orthodoxy of the new Romanian Orthodox Church, these stimulators are offered in a diverse range ranging from the Immaculate Nation to the Civil Orthodox Society and from Quantum Consciousness to Transpersonal Spirit.