vineri, 3 decembrie 2021

The sandy foundation of the Romanian Orthodox Church



Archbishop Viganò has called for the formation of an international anti-globalist alliance ( Personally, I do not think that an international anti-globalist alliance is the solution to what is happening now. The problem we are facing now is not that a global force has taken over the world in order to impose a kind of non-human thinking and behavior among the world's population. The problem is that the man of this age no longer knows what human thinking and behavior are. And the problem of the man of this age is aggravated by the problem of the Christian of this age, who no longer knows what Christian thinking and behavior are.

However, the Catholic prelate’s interventions remain timely, especially for the forthright way in which he denounces the complicity/contribution of Christian leaders in the effort of the global biopolitical project to dehumanize man in the name of a new religion, the religion of humanity. In Romania, as I have repeatedly pointed out on this blog, the Orthodox hierarchy has been directly involved in this project by supporting the digitalization of education, or a kind of spiritual globalization performed through the means of neoliberal, neognostic and neo-humanistic projects. As if things were not already so critical, instead of condemning the Orthodox hierarchy's temptation of abandoning its apostolic mission, Orthodox public figures justified it, preferring to ignore the distortion of the Orthodox teaching in an effort to limit BOR’s image damage, thus denying the hierarchy the possibility of awakening.

No church founded on the stone of Peter's testimony (Matthew 16:16-19) and which has maintained apostolic continuity can be overcome by the “gates of hell” as long as she remains grounded in “Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16). Out of reasons of safety, apparently, the Orthodox hierarchy decided to re-establish the Romanian Orthodox Church on the sand of some of the most dangerous humanist or post-humanist proposals and ideologies.

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