luni, 6 august 2018

Ortodoxia dialogului

„A number of factors in Dr. Tudorie’s appointment appear to give cause for optimism:
First among these is that it comes at the end of a proper search that lasted almost a full year.
Second, he brings to his new post a scholarly, teaching, and publishing record that seems hard to match in someone as young as he.
Third, a significant portion of his work focuses on dialogue, so important to our readers and writers at Orthodoxy in Dialogue.” (


„A young Greek-American man finally worked up the courage to come out to his deeply pious, widowed, black-garbed grandmother.
— Yiayia, I’m gay.
He could barely say the word. Her eyes narrowed.
— Do you have a boyfriend?
— Yes, I do.
He wanted the earth to open up beneath him.
— Why haven’t you brought him over for Sunday dinner?”

(Giacomo Sanfilippo is a PhD student in Theological Studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto and an editor at Orthodoxy in Dialogue.)